The most efficient way to retain Eric Michael to manage, maintain, and grow your digital property, month-after-month.

Built by design, our new Managed Digital Pro subscription makes it easier than ever to manage, maintain, and grow your website while simultaneously unlocking countless benefits, inclusions, and savings throughout our partnership together.

Here’s what you get:

  • 24/7 Security & Malware Monitoring
  • → Google Analytics, Search Console, and Marketplace Integration
  • Daily Backups (No Storage Fee)
  • Weekly Performance, Security, & System Checks*
  • Weekly Updates to WordPress OS, Theme files, and third-party Plugins and integrated software scripts.*
  • New: Annual Premium Theme, Super Forms, & Centori SEO Licensing Included
  • Plus: 5HRS Maintenance Time (Included)
  • Bi-Weekly Check-Ins (As Needed)
  • Quarterly Reporting & Progress Benchmarking
  • Special Pricing Offers & 10% OFF Future (Non-Urgent) Design & Maintenance Requests**

Need a little less? Check out Managed Digital Plus »

Recent Revisions: We’re elated to have re-evaluated, remodeled, and restructured how we serve clients through the recurring management and maintenance of their sites. The following changes took effect on November 1, 2023: Clients may now choose from two pricing tiers, giving choice over coverage and inclusion; Managed Digital now includes annual licensing for Premium Themes and Super Forms (the software we use to power client contact forms and other automated workflows); Reporting has moved from a monthly to quarterly (plus) or semi-annual (lite) schedule, based on the respective tiers. Our discount price remains at the reduced 10% rate, introduced earlier this year, however, ‘Plus’ and ‘Pro’ subscribers benefit from a 20% discount on Pre-Paid Design / Maintenance Time (see options above).

Fine print, housekeeping, and clarifications:

*Frequency of these inclusions may increase based on the required core, theme, and other system-related updates required to maintain a secure and functional site.

**Clients save an average of $750 per year with this minimally discounted $150 $135 hourly rate.

Eric Michael & Associates is not a registered domain registrar or website hosting organization. We simply leverage decade-long relationships with trusted and leading organizations to support clients in streamlining the management and maintenance of their sites. Clients share the risk in parking with us and are always encouraged to pursue ownership of their assets, if and whenever possible.

EM&A Managed Digital is not a public service but a proprietary offering extended (by invitation only) to our private clients. Please do not reserve this offering unless you are a client or invited collaborator of the studio; non-client orders will be canceled and go unfulfilled (check the site for preferred vendors and other resources). EM&A Managed Digital packages require a twelve-month financial commitment, paid in full in advance of service activation. Clients retain all intellectual ownership and the ability to cancel/leave (without reimbursement) at any time.

Service Specifications:

Commitment12 MonthsBilling ScheduleMonthly (AutoPay)Last UpdateJanuary 1, 2023

Service Delivery

Subscriptions are considered active immediately after purchase and service implementation commences on a first-come first-served basis, with total setup completed within 5-10 business days.

Service is technically executed around the clock, 24/7 with monthly or quarterly check-ins and reporting (depending on your tier and above inclusions).

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