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Service Description:

1:1 Shopify coaching can help start, establish, and grow your eCommerce presence (and profit!) on the worlds best platform!

Setup & Design

As a long-time Shopify Partner, I can support across all areas of account setup, store design, and mainstream re-marketing integrations. Learn more »

eCommerce Strategy

One part creative and strategic, my process helps to bring the broader vision into snackable action items to ensure continuity and continuous growth.

Tech, Apps, & Automations

Shopify's out-of-the-box service suite and user-friendly interface is just the start, third-party apps and powerful integrations can bring your shop to new heights.

Review & Refresh

We'll work together to analyze your shop's data, statistics, and trends to better improve virtual merchandising, increasing conversion, and the overall UX.

Omnichannel Bliss

Where else can you sell your products? What third-party channels, marketplaces, and sites could bring your sales to the next level? Let me show you.


From account setup to product listing, receiving (and fulfilling) orders, deciphering analytics and statistics, and everything in between: I've got you. Call me, beep me, when you wanna reach me.

Book Your Session

$225 Per-Session

Individual coaching or productivity sessions are perfect for road-mapping and benchmarking personal and professional development.

Sessions are offered at first-come-first-served availability and booking on-demand. If you feel you’d benefit from a recurring appointment window, bring it up in your next session.


All sales are final. No exceptions. If a client needs to reschedule, they may do so once per pre-paid appointment. The rescheduled appointment time must fall within thirty calendar days.

Hi there!I'm Eric Michael.

Shopify Partner + Expert Coach

I’m an independent creative collaborator, coach, and special projects lead with a passion for high-stakes branding, business, and reputation management initiatives.

Shopify has been my sandbox for more than a decade and is my favorite ecosystem for building and empowering entrepreneurial pursuit.
There’s nothing I love more than empowering clients (and people in general) with the tools and knowledge they need to take their business (and life!) to the next level.

I’m looking forward to doing the same for you,

I can't wait to help you tap into the power of Shopify. Whether you find yourself just getting started, stuck, or ready for something new: I've gotchu!

More than a decade of building and empowering entrepreneurial pursuits online has made Shopify my favorite playground and me an expert in the world’s leading eCommerce ecosystem. Lucky for you: You’ve found the best Shopify coach. The one you’ve been looking for.

Success online happens one day, one click, one sale, one evangelic customer at a time and I’ve got expert experience, insight, and guidance to support an array of intro-to-market, demand generation, and growth tactics to take your online business to the next level.

I work one-on-one with clients to carefully articulate and tackle their needs in a coveted grounded-yet-tactile approach toward growth. Creative conversations will take us back to the beginning of the brand for exciting and expansive deep re-imaginings; pairing early intentions with present-day pain points (and possibilities for change).

1:1 Shopify Coaching and 1:1 Shopify Training session programming is completely tailor-made and customized just for you based on our initial consultation and shaped in real-time as our understanding, needs, and capabilities grow.

I know, better than most, the unique frustration that festers from never having really dived into a service and technology suite. It can be daunting, fear-inducing, and downright distracting from the day-to-day efforts of running your business.

Let’s fix that through one-on-one Shopify coaching, consulting, and training sessions and make sure your business has access to the tools and resources it needs to convert clicks into sales, grow customers into evangelists, and find the success you’ve always dreamed of.

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