Eric Michael is a multi-passionate multi-disciplinary creative collaborator with a passion for high-stakes brand, business, and reputation management initiatives.

Stewarding special projects through a grounded yet tactile approach, his is a mission-driven practice coveted for its consistency and valor in pursuit of creativity and innovation; deepening meaning, strengthening connection, and crafting culture—one brand at a time.


Creative & Strategic Direction
Brand & Identity Design
Brand Messaging & Positioning
Brand Guidelines & Playbooks
Visual Language & Direction
Campaigning & Collaborations

Business Strategy & Direction
Product/Service Vision
Go-to-Market Planning
Systems Implementation
Customer Experience
Partner Procurement & Strategy

PR & Media Engagement
Community Development / Relations
Influencer & Celebrity Engagement
Demand Generation
Consumer Events & Pop-Ups
Crisis Aversion / Management

If there’s one thing I know for sure, the true empowerment behind all entrepreneurship comes from the pining voice within; calling and guiding us into the light of our purpose, every day.

I have a favorite question I ask all new acquaintances, so I’ll ask you here today…

What lights you up?
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But, we need to know.
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