Eric Michael is an accomplished creative collaborator, designer, and special projects lead.

The official line:

Eric Michael is an independent creative collaborator, coach, and special projects lead with a passion for high-stakes branding, business, and reputation management initiatives.

Though an eponymous creative studio, EM&A, Eric lends his sharp eye and intuitive vision in service of small- and medium-sized organizations (or teams).

Meeting client needs and guiding clients through a grounded yet tactile approach, Eric Michael breathes intention, innovation, and interactivity into every collaboration; strengthening connections, deepening meaning, and empowering continous growth all the way.

The bottom line:

I am a self-activated curious creative on a life-long quest to strengthen connections and, nearly compulsively, pull the collective into the comfort zone at the intersection of form and function.

My work takes aim at ensuring positive and productive change toward a more connected, inclusive, and equitable future—one day at a time.

I live in Philadelphia and serve clients worldwide. I enjoy hiking, reading, writing, and traveling, cooking, entertaining, and taking in board sports. And find support in my daily yoga and meditation practices.

How the team and I show up...


Creative DirectionStrategic DirectionSpecial Projects StewardshipExperiential & Interactive DesignPrint, Digital, & Web DesignProcess Automation & Systems Design


Branding & Customer ExperienceCreative / Strategic DirectionWebsite / eComm. Design & DevelopmentProductivity Optimization / AutomationBranded Content Creation (Photo/Video)BIG Leadership - COMING SOON

Coaching / 1:1 Work

The best way to work together, individually, may very well be one-on-one. New, recurring coaching and counseling sessions (with special programming coming soon) support clients with outlining, pursuing, and achieving long-term transformational goals.

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My work is to craft culture by strengthening connections to the work and deepening meaning in the work; guiding collaborators through a grounded approach to the three-way intersection of form, function, and fulfillment.




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