Basic Squarespace Setup & Design

Original price was: $3,500.00.Current price is: $3,000.00.

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We aim to complete Squarespace setup and design assignments in thirty days or less, collaborative flow depending.

Fair Trade Promise

Eric Michael is an intentional and proud "fair trade" collaborator; pricing and presenting this work to make creative collaboration more accessible and impactful for small business owners everywhere.

We consider "small businesses" to be those with fewer than five employees and less than $1.5M in annual revenue.

Payment Terms

Payment is due in-full in advance of all work. All sales are final. No exceptions.

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The most collaborative (and affordable!) way to enlist Eric Michael in the setup and design of your custom Squarespace site.

Known for being the most approachable website design tool on the web, Squarespace has been one of Eric Michael’s many sandboxes for more than fifteen years. Its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface makes it an all-time favorite ecosystem for independent entrepreneurs looking to self-manage their digital presence.

Their well-built (hard-to-break) professional-looking templates and minimalistic section-based editor make the editing process fast and easy. Strong eCommerce (point-of-sale, memberships, courses, etc.) features allow for effective (and highly accessible!) channels for growth as well.

Unlike any of the other OTB Website offerings, Basic Squarespace Setup & Design breathes skill-share into the collaborative process to not only ensure you walk away with a well-designed, well-built, and well-performing site but that you are also well-prepared to maintain it. (Don’t worry, Eric will always be just a click away if you need him.)

Our collaboration will be primarily anchored into and around four Intensive Workshopping Days over 2-4 consecutive weeks:

Workshop #1:

  • → Guided Squarespace Setup
  • → Digital Blueprinting & Visualization
    • → Sitemapping
    • → Storyboarding

Workshop #2:

  • → Page Setup & Design (Up to 5 Pages*)
  • → Systems Implementation

Workshop #3:

  • → Finalization & Mastery
  • → General Squarespace Coaching / Training

Workshop #4:

  • → General Squarespace Coaching & Support

eCommerce, Memberships, etc.

It’s important to note that you do not need to retain Eric Michael to take advantage of Squarespace’s legendary eCommerce features. However, this Basic Squarespace Setup & Design offering does not reflect the value of effort required for us to setup of Squarespace e-commerce, membership, scheduling, or other integrations. For this, prospects and clients are advised to consult the Premium offering →

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this pricing offered to all industries, locations, and clients?

Yes. These special pricing offers are proudly presented to everyone outside of regulated markets. Squarespace does not support tobacco, cannabis, or alcohol brands.

What if I need more pages?

No worries. Individual pages can be added to the scope for an additional $500 USD per-page. If your digital property is expected to exceed more than twenty pages, we ask that you request a proposal here.

What is the cost of integrating Squarespace e-commerce, membership, scheduling, and other functionality?

You’ll want to check out our Premium Squarespace Setup & Design services for this. (You’ll be pleasantly surprised—given all of the additional inclusions.) Again, you do not need to retain Eric Michael to do this yourself—in the Squarespace dashboard.

Collaboration must commence within thirty (30) days of purchase (unless otherwise noted).

Workshops are delivered on a prefix 2x weekly schedule: Week 1: Workshops 1 & 2, Week 2: Workshop 3, Week 4: Workshop 4. All Workshops must be completed within 30 days of start—or voided. Additional Workshopping or Training Days, outside of the original scope and thirty day window, are delivered at the standard rate of $225 USD per Session.

* Basic or ’embedded’ systems integrations are included. If you require a more integrated inclusion, you may want to consider our Premium Squarespace Setup & Design offering.

** Thirty days of ‘on-demand’ support is limited to Eric Michael’s personal windows of professional availability, typically ranging from 4-6HRS per-day but based on his current timezone.


We're not like other firms. Clients are welcomed into and engaged throughout the creative process every step of the way.


You'll find Eric Michael to be fair trade collaborator from his competitive hourly rates to savings-packed OTB packages.


More than a 'check-in', our bi-weekly meetings will thrust open the doors to communication, coaching, and other creative initiatives.


Your site is built by real people with real experience, passion, and commitment to the work. And our ideal clients value that.


From platform selection to the intentional way we craft our websites, the end-goal is always front and center.


We know what Google wants and we give it to it. Page construction and content layout is done with best practices in mind, every time.


A slew of built-in features, like GDPR/CCPA compliance and other accessibility tools, ensure your site meet the standards of today.

Hi there!I'm Eric Michael.

Squarespace Expert & Coach

I’m an independent creative collaborator, coach, and special projects lead with a passion for high-stakes branding, business, and reputation management initiatives.

There’s nothing I love more than empowering clients (and people in general) with the tools and knowledge they need to take their business (and life!) to the next level.

I’m looking forward to doing the same for you,

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