The Situation:

Architectural and design legends, Kate & Odom Stamps, tap Eric Michael for a once-in-a-lifetime partnership.

Kate and Odom Stamps were among the millions of business owners around the world forced to cope with the collapse of the old agency model.

Their previous web design and development firm had lost access and control of their offshored WordPress digital properties and all hope had gone with them.

On the brink of collapse—with just thirty days to spare—Eric Michael was tapped for site rescue to save the firm’s corporate and e-commerce digital properties.

The Process:

Beginning with a comprehensive audit and analysis of the previous system and WordPress installation, the Stamps & Stamps website was deemed savable.

The original WordPress installation was backed up using a remote file transfer protocol and moved to a new technological provider, stabilized, and made live.

The Results:

The result was the successful transfer of the Stamps & Stamps site and everything that went along with it, including the priceless salvage of all existing content, media, and theme files.

Moreover, under Eric Michael’s wing, Stamps & Stamps reclaimed its priority placement in specific search results and started receiving necessary regular maintenance.

Other Pillars of Partnership

Immediately after successfully salvaging the Stamps & Stamps digital property, a new style of partnership took shape.

Managed Digital

Stamps & Stamps retained Eric Michael through Managed Digital Plus to ensure optimal accessibility, performance, and the regular and recurring management and maintenance of their digital property.

Workspace Admin

After rescuing all email data from a previous webmail provider, Eric Michael was tapped to manage Google Workspace as a resource and toolkit for all employee communications and internal collaboration.

Shopify Setup

Stamps & Stamps (and Eric) are preparing for their biggest leap yet: into global eCommerce. Harnessing the power of Shopify, products, and services will be on offer for on-demand purchases across the web.