Welcome back, finally!

I am so excited and proud of this new and evolving iteration of EricMichaelCreates.com that I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to it and to the new-found Why that’s governing my work.

Clients, everything that you have come to love about my site, like the Toolbox and other functionality, is still here (in the same places) but with a cleaner look.

A cleaner, lighter interface accentuates the added functionality of the Toolbox, offering a direct point-of-contact to Eric Michael and access to the collaboration tools that keep our partnerships thriving. Check it out now.

I have spent the better part of the last three months pecking away, page by page and post by post, to migrate my digital presence. This included reviewing, restructuring, and reorganizing every page and article on the site while rebranding and repositioning several service items and all of my social media channels.

An all new Portfolio page features revised case studies, the latest digital properties, and more still to come.

The goal was really a simple one: I wanted singular digital and social destinations to share my work, as it relates to both my creative and individualized personal and professional development offerings.

I’ve come to find design deliverables—like brand assets and custom Shopify, WordPress, and Squarespace digital properties—to be just a fraction of the work I do.

The real intention I have for my work, the thing that I breathe into all that I do and hope to leave behind, is a stronger and more sustainable culture. Through a guided approach to consciously redefining what it means to be in creative collaboration, we collectively strengthen the connection to the work and deepen the meaning in the work.

Keep checking back: There’s a lot more coming from new creative service listings to helpful self-serve functionality and a new personal and professional development hub that’s sure to deepen our connection. Don’t worry, I’ll announce and lay it all out here.

Is there something, a particular aspect of my work or supporting feature, you’d like to see integrated into the website? Drop us a note and let’s unpack all feedback and suggestions and maybe you’ll see it here shortly.