Services & Capabilities

Backed by more than a decade in business, this is how Eric Michael & Associates work to build and empower entrepreneurial pursuit:

We support the whole vision with a wholehearted approach.
Brand Development
There's more to it than what meets the eye. True Identity is born through chartered messaging and visual exploration workshops for a tandem approach that yields more than a logo but a mission backed by purpose.
Digital Development
Your look and message are useless without the proper soapbox. Our world-class digital properties and online stores are designed with a “separate but equal” approach to performance and user interface.
Business Coaching
Business shouldn’t feel like fire prevention, but rather a controlled burn. Eric Michael teaches the art of leadership by leveraging personal fulfillment to strengthen communications, productivity, and growth.
Reputation Management
Public relations is more than media relations. It has never been more important to lead one’s powerful messaging with a highly-aggressive approach; allowing purpose to poise and power the story.

Individual Capabilities

Brand Development   +   Brand Management   +   Creative Direction   +   Logo Design   +   Brand Messaging   +   Website Design & Development   +   eCommerce Design   +   Business Development   +   Business Management   +   Creative Marketing   +   Marketing Automation   +   Market Research   +   Product Design, Development & Marketing   +   Social Media Networking, Management & Advertising   +   Content Generation   +   National Publicity, Media Relations & Relationship Building   +   Press Release Cultivation & Dissemination   +   Community Outreach, Engagement & Activation   +   Event Planning, Marketing & Management

Brand Development

Brand development packages from Eric Michael & Associates.

Building a brand is no more a one-off task than the development of your business a one-day affair. Backed by a decade of experience in the space, Eric Michael & Associates offer an unrivaled, natural and totally organic approach to the delivery of services and final assets that result in a developed brand.

Brand awareness, strength, and sustainability is built on the foundation of the people that run it. That’s precisely how you develop a client list of highly-competitive, over-achieving, and most provocative brands in the world: By pairing moral and creative synergies alongside equally committed and innovative leader with a deep-rooted commitment to humanitarian, social, and philanthropic causes.

It’s with a signature “metalevel realness” that Eric Michael streamlines communication, project management, and production initiatives; leading the budding brand through a series of workshops, checkpoints, and deliverables to final completion with a soft but firm grip.

Custom Packages

Starting rates based on previous initatives. Please note that projects are individually quoted, proposed, designed, and developed to meet the needs of our clients.

Content generation icon.

In-House Media Production

Eric Michael & Associates have been directing and producing visual media, internally, since 2017. Our hands-on approach takes tight grip of the camera for powerful, intentional, and provocative complementary media. Unless you prefer another project to manage.

Digital Property Development

Digital property and web design packages from Eric Michael & Associates.

Every project that leaves the studio is custom in its own right. Specifications, inclusions, timeline, and investment is tailor-made to meet brand needs and with in-house content generation and annual maintenance plans we’re with you every step of the way—even after construction. We’ve got this. You’ve got this.

Totally unique in their concept and design, digital properties under the curation and care of Eric Michael & Associates are noticeably superior in functionality, aesthetics, and UX.

From conceptualization and production, content generation, deployment, and marketing, Eric Michael and his team of seasoned creatives have worked alongside their elite list of distinguished clientele for more than twelve years in a signature full-service, hands-on approach to project completion. Together, creatives and stakeholders outline dreams, priorities, and goals in both the long- and short term; targets, to later be blown away by results.

Each website under the direction of Eric Michael is conceived with complementary pre-production mockups, post-production revisions, and insured unlimited meetings throughout the duration of the assignment. And, with flexible payment and maintenance options, the client remains in full control of both investment and timeline.

Maintenance Plans. Support.

Technology is infamous for its ever-changing landscape. Nothing on the worldwide web is evergreen. (Except the bad stuff). Our clients know that a tweak or change will be necessary from time-to-time, especially in the launch and introduction phase. That’s why we’re here, with annual Maintenance Plans, to help relieve the stress, anxiety, and frusteration of doing it yourself.

ImageImageImageBeth Lawrence's testimonial for Eric Michael & AssociatesAuthor and restaurant maven, Zena Polin, leaves a review for Eric Michael & Associates.
From our first "meeting of the minds" to today, he has been invaluable in taking my "vision" of my artistic venture, and translating it into my new website. He is open to critiques, and his work ethic is great. He is dedicated to the success of his client. His personal investment in each endeavor is refreshing, and working with him is a pleasure. We're in this together.
Founder/Creative Director
JEMstones by Janice
It's befitting for Eric Michael to have two first names as this branding expert can multitask and wear many hats. Eric is both dependable and innovative in his business practices. His ability to build mutually beneficial business partnerships between his clients and other small businesses in the Philadelphia region is a valuable asset to bring to any campaign.
Garden Logan
PR Director, Lutron Electronics
Eric Michael is a force. His vision, work ethic and attitude are beyond his years, and he is able to provide such quality results for his clients. I look forward to chance we get to collaborate.
Melissa Alam
Eric Michael & Associates took my basic Squarespace site and made it so much more interactive, interesting, and gorgeous. Most of all, he found the most perfect way to articulate my offerings and experience to those who may be first-time visitors of my site. It was less than 24-hours before new prospects started rolling in.
Beth Lawrence
Beth Lawrence Meetings & Events
Eric Michael overhauled the websites for both of my award-winnging DC restaurants and catering companies, The Daily Dish and The Dish & Dram. I am so happy with them. Eric Michael focuses on a collaborative approach when designing and his eye for design and detail, at all levels - especially the minuscule - ensured sites not only look beautiful but drive traffic.
Zena Polin
Author & Restaurateur