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Mine is a grounded results-driven practice, deepening meaning and redefining creative collaboration.

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Special Projects Lead • Brand Management • Creative & Strategic Direction • Systems Implementation •

Website Development • Print/Graphic Design • Managed Digital • Partnership Procurement • Community Development •

Creative Director • Designer • Storyteller • Coach • Educator •

Collaborator • Strategic Advisor • Creator • Systems & Process Advisor •

FAQ:Some of the most frequently asked questions.

I am a creative collaborator and Special Projects lead.

I take hold of and tackle a wide range of print, digital, web, interactive, and experiential design tasks.

My work is to establish and strengthen connections between people and brands, provoking engagement and delivering a unique user experience.

I am currently stewarding a number of Special Projects across sports and outdoor recreation, psychedelic medicine, and agency development.

Other active assignments include real estate brand management, several website developments, and the development of a proprietary eLearning platform.

I am currently accepting new creative, coaching, and special project clients.

New Jersey’s newly recreational cannabis market is of particular interest to me as well as supporting the education and research efforts of psychedelic medicine.

The best way to reach me is via email or, if your needs are more urgent, by proactively throwing time on the calendar for an introduction.

Please be as detailed in your outreach as possible (overview, needs, expectations, etc.) but, be advised, I am unable to respond to most formal RFPs at this time.