Foreword: Eric Michael has extended a limited time Special Pricing offer to incoming or existing clients looking to establish a new eCommerce digital property using the Shopify software. Terms and conditions apply.

If I am being totally honest, when I first entered the web development space (wayyy back in 2008), I hadn’t given much thought to ROI or profitability in terms of new web design assignments. Mostly because (wayyy back then) no one was – people were struggling to find stability in the real world, let alone the wild wild west of the [then] internet. It took about two or three years – right around 2010 – before eCommerce design and development projects (or even ideas!) started popping up. But, once they did, they never stopped.

In the same vein that you’d never hire a chef only willing to work with one ingredient, it’s imperative that designers and developers and business strategists maintain a strong understanding of the tools and resources (hardwares and softwares) that go into making their jobs not only seamless but successful. That said, I’ve kept a close eye on a number of softwares and solutions in the eCommerce space and, eventually, settled pretty comfortably into one.

Thankfully that one solution, WooCommerce, was deemed our “go-to” and held their own in the industry for quite a while. They got better and better with every new release of their program; their backend was user-friendly, functionality was always evolving, and they seemed to be making consistent contributions to the directory of “add-on” applications. Still, there were a few things that the team and I couldn’t shake from our list of needs and the waiting game for their arrival or injection into the core software was getting too indefinite. And, so, inquiring minds wandered.

That’s when we began flirting with Shopify again.

It was a magic moment, like running into a previous love for the first time in a decade. Nervous and anxious but mostly curious about all of the ways in which they’ve changed and how the both of you may have changed together, for the better. It was fantastic. It was love at second glance. A new user interface, stronger core, more intentional functionality, and countless productivity plugins. This was our future. This was everyone’s future. We knew it instantly.

Over the years, Shopify has made leaps and bounds in becoming a major contender for marketshare in the eCommerce world. Their platform, originally built for their own product line (snowboards), has become so coveted and such a versatile software that it’s attracted the likes of world-famous entrepreneurs and some of the most-coveted brands. (I can’t name-drop here, but we can talk offline.)

And that’s our cue.

My job – and the job of my extended team – is to not only make you outshine the rest of the world – through incomparable hands-on branding and web development services – but to make you out-perform them too. Shopify offers a comprehensive out-of-the-box software that pairs well with a seemingly infinite number of collaborators – from Mailchimp to eBay, Zapier, Facebook, Zendesk, Hubspot, and a slew of others.

Shopify makes it easier than any other platform for developers (like us!) to establish and build the eCommerce connection while also granting the transactional ability to hand it off to the client for future ownership, upon its completion. On the client end, we can offer a sliding scale approach to shop management: Have as little or as much control as you like. And, of course, all Shopify stores are welcomed to ongoing maintenance to assist in the ongoing changes that often follow in the wake of a new development project.

Please note: This is no more a #SponsoredPost (and it isn’t) than it is an announcement that we will only be working with Shopify from here on out. (Neither of those statements are the reality.) This is just a much-deserved nod and show of respect to the tremendous effort that Shopify has made in developing such a powerful platform and incomparable software for their clients (and developers!). And, a little reminder that we’re here for you when you’re feeling ready to take your retail project to the next level: World domination.