Eric Michael & Associates is a full-service creative and strategy firm committed to building and empowering entrepreneurial pursuit, always and in all ways.

This Payments page has been designed and shared to publicly inform new and existing clients of the terms, conditions, systems, and disclosures in place to support the entire payment process.


Eric Michael & Associates bills clients at one of three hourly rates, based solely on the expectations of the client:

Standard (or “long-lead”) projects, or those with a delivery expectation of ten business days or more, are billed at the rate of $150 per-hour.

On-Demand projects, or those with an expected delivery of less than ten business days, are billed at the rate of $225 per-hour.

Rushed projects, or those with a delivery date of less than five business days, are billed at the rate of $300 per-hour.

Meeting, Communication, and Project Management time is billed at the Standard hourly rate of $150 per-hour.


Clarity and continuity are primary objectives when it comes to the financial relationships we share with our clients. Eric Michael & Associates works diligently to ensure every request for work is met with the most accurate and flat-rate proposal fee whenever possible.

Billing at a Flat-Rate:

When billing a client a flat-rate fee, we lean on a decade+ of experience in estimating the time required to perform a task, render a service, or “show up” as required.

This time is then duplicated at one of the above hourly rates and served to the client or prospect as the Flat-Rate cost of service; most clients see a savings of 20-30% by doing business with flat-rate pricing.

Billing by-the-Hour:

When billing a client by the hour, we work diligently to ensure an estimated commitment and comparable budget are approved before the start of work. This time is estimated based on experience and the cost is served in line with the earlier outlined rates.

Those with “a lot to do” or who lean on EM&A for a breadth of support often benefit most from setting a monthly budget and settling up at the end of the month.


Eric Michael & Associates requires payment-in-full in advance of all work unless noted otherwise in quotation, proposal, or written correspondence. We do not finance assignments.

To support clients who need help financing their projects, EM&A gladly accepts (and consumes the transaction fee) for all major credit and debit cards as well as electronic ACH/EFT transfers to ensure client projects start and end in a timely fashion.


We understand the sacred place cooperation holds in any relationship and the flexibility required for creativity to flow. That’s why, from time to time (and at our sole discretion), we’ll extend payment arrangements to support client needs and internal processes.

Please Note: If extended to a quote or proposal, Payment Arrangements impose a 20% increase to the total cost of work.

This increase is one-part convenience fee and one-part compensation as it works to reconcile the additional time required to service the account when a payment arrangement is in place.


We do our best to ensure all assignments, projects, and tasks receive individual quotations with the same excitement and urgency that the prospective tasks find us.

Please Note: Clients may now review and accept the Scope of Work and process payment for their assignments within the quotation collateral, no separate invoicing is required.

We ask clients to please keep this momentum going and, when possible, accept all quotes within the fifteen-day window allotted in the document. It will go a long way in ensuring a speedy adoption and execution of the work.


Invoices are an official means for collecting payment and are sent from Quickbooks or Stripe depending on the type and schedule of service. We send ours at the time of project acceptance and any respective payment due dates or at the end of the month when all accounts are reconciled.


Invoices are due on receipt, no exceptions. If an invoice remains unpaid for longer than ten business days, the account is serviced an automatic and non-refundable Late Fee valued at 2% of the invoice total.

This fee is serviced twice monthly, every fourteen calendar days, until the past due invoice total is collected.

Other terms, conditions, and disclosures apply. Please consult our Terms of Service and Terms of Work for more information. If anything in this page warrants expansion or further explanation please let us know.