This is a pricing table depicting the standard, on-demand, and rushed hourly rates of Eric Michael and his team of associates.Projects are billed based on one of three hourly rates, determined solely by the expectations of the individual client: Standard or “long-lead” projects, those with a reasonably expected delivery date (usually within ten business days or more), are billed at the rate of $150 USD per-hour; On-Demand assignments, projects or tasks with a need for more immediate delivery (usually within five to ten business days), are billed at the rate of $225 USD per-hour; and ‘Rushed’ projects, or those with a delivery date of less than five business days, are billed at the rate of $300 USD per-hour.

Meeting, Communication, and Project Management time is billed at the discounted rate of $100 USD per-hour, unless otherwise stipulated with formal agreement.


Clarity and continuity are the bedrock to a mutually beneficial professional relationship, this we know for sure. Eric Michael and his team of associates work diligently to ensure every request for work is met with the most accurate, fair, and transparent value assessment and collection practices possible.

Formal proposals and requests for work are served “flat-rate” value assessments. This means Eric Michael personally assesses and evaluates the needs of the organization and expectations of the client to render a full scope of work, with a set schedule of timeline and investment. If accepted, flat-rate investments do not change (up or down) with respect to the delivery of service outlined in the scope of work.

One-off projects for existing clients are billed by-the-hour. This billing process applies exclusively to known clients whose expectations are clear and may not warrant a detailed scope of work. If a project is agreed to be accepted and billed at an hourly rate, a range of time is served to the client and the project is put into production; billable hours are tracked and invoiced at the end of each month. More on that in the next section.


Clients may expect invoices to be served immediately following written acceptance for any formal proposal or responses to requests for work.

Hourly work (projects billed by-the-hour) or any additional costs that have been added to a client account throughout the course of a calendar month are invoiced on/around the 1st of the following month. (For example: Any hours or costs accrued in January would be invoiced on or around February 1st.)

Clients who engage the studio for recurring service agreements and/or employ Eric Michael to maintain specific third-party licensing and services on their behalf are subject to automatic billing. No exceptions. More on that below.


Payments are due in-full upon request. No exceptions.

Invoices or requests for payment that are ignored or unsettled for more than ten business days are subject to Late Fees. Late Fees are assessed and applied to past-due accounts automatically at the rate of 2% of the invoice total and reapplied every five days, concurrently, until the total past-due amount is paid in full.


Eric Michael is committed to strengthening the faith and trust throughout his creative partnerships and nothing erodes those two values like sensing a lack of cooperation, this we know for sure. That’s why, from time to time (and solely at his discretion), clients may be welcomed to capitalize on the support of payment arrangements.

Payment Arrangements are considered to be any payment structure that allows for a significant balance (those that exceed the minimum threshold) to be divided up amongst more than one installment. Typical arrangements include an initial payment valued at 50% the total cost of service, as show of good faith, with remaining balances dispersed over the following weeks.

Payment Arrangements are subject to individual terms and conditions at the time of acceptance and the terms and conditions of AutoPay as it relates to payment processing. Please note, in an effort to mitigate risk, overall productivity will never anchor the schedule or overall arrangement towards the collection of payment.


If you engage Eric Michael & Associates to support you or your organization through regular and recurring service (such as through ‘Managed Digital’ services) and/or in the facilitation of third-party service licensing, or software procurement, you will need to agree to the AutoPay terms. These terms are served “as needed”, per-client account.

Automatic Payments (AutoPay) is how we circumvent risk and ensure a more effective and streamlined approach to collaboration. Simply put, accepting the terms of AutoPay grants Eric Michael the authority necessary to charge a client account for any/all cost of service covered via the payment method the client has on file.

AutoPay is about more than payment processing. It’s an all-encompassing system that relies on paperless billing, sensitive response times, and more. It’s highly encouraged that clients review these terms in advance of final acceptance.


Eric Michael and his team of associates are excited to be introducing a new value-based revenue system over the coming year. This means repositioning what we (collectively) consider to be investments away from “cost” and in closer alignment with personal and financial value, putting the price-point more in the hands of the client.

Our first phase of adoption to this process includes a new user-friendly payment gateway that works to satisfy month-to-month balances. Through it, clients are given a suggested value of work (based upon time-spent + costs) and are welcomed to pay “a little less” or “a little more” or by entering a custom amount.

The goal is to protect the integrity of creativity as a profession while breathing flexibility into the otherwise archaic and stuffy accountability process.

Similar functionality will be introduced to the traditional proposal and acceptance workflow by the summer months and it’s our hope to be operating on a fully value-based revenue model (and proprietary system) by the end of 2022.

This page outlines the expectations, processes, terms, and conditions as it relates to paying Eric Michael and his team of associates for work across the creative studio.


There’s nothing I value more than the relationship I share with my clients (and it won’t take you long to understand why). I have come to consider trust and transparency to be the keystone of meaningful creative collaboration and the team and I ‘bring our all’ in this department, the best we can.

My steps are always mindful when billing clients and I believe our rates, processes, and terms to be both fair and equitable to all parties, given the nature of the work and its intention and impact across organizations and teams.

Please know that my door is always open. You’ll just as quickly find I’m committed to maintaining a conscious state of open and effective communication with clients at all times. If any number of my terms, conditions or individual efforts warrant reasoning or clarification, I encourage a steadfast address and dialogue.