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10-for-10: Beth Lawrence

A look into the life and times of a maven of messaging and events.

Professional Ghosting: A National State of Emergency

Professional ghosting has long-passed the state of a pandemic. This is an outbreak. This is war.

Unblocking Success: How to Build Personal & Professional Momentum

Everyone hits the dreaded wall from time-to-time and time and time again you'll need to rise above, build momentum, and unblock success.

A Decade in Business

In a personal essay, Eric Michael looks back on the opportunities, experiences, and lessons learned from a decade in business.

The Ten Percent

Eric Michael is a proud mission-driven entrepreneur, grounded by first-hand experience with traumatic loss, homelessness, and supporting those struggling through addiction. Learn more.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Domain Name

Eric Michael & Associates share tips, tricks, and things to consider in choosing your domain name.