Seamlessly streamlining and simplifying operations is top of mind for every entrepreneur, especially those in cannabis retail, and your point-of-sale (POS) system is one of the most crucial keystones in your personal algorithm. I have been connecting with and supporting a network of dispensary owners for several years and thought it would be beneficial to the inquiring minds out there (you!) to share some of the professional opinions I’ve collected.

Let’s talk about the crucial role POS systems play in day-to-day operations, why you need them (what makes them so important), and get an overview of my Top 5 Favorites.

What is a METRC Dispensary Point-of-Sale System (or METRC POS)?

Point-of-sale systems are retail-focused software that help manage and perform every day operations across your store. Regardless of industry, POS Systems are essential to tracking sales and keeping up with (and track of) minute-by-minute inventory across your network of brick-and-mortar and click-and-mortar stores.

The best dispensary point-of-sale systems keep inventory and financial (read: sales and tax) information neatly organized and monitor buying patterns in a tight user interface. The more data you have, the easier it is to streamline restocking and re-marketing efforts like making customer-specific product recommendations and implementing rewards programs.

Some states, territories, and regions require that cannabis dispensaries work with point-of-sale systems that integrate with specific inventory management systems—like METRC. These special dispensary POS systems support age verification, tax reporting, inventory management and tracking, and more.

METRC is the most trusted and experienced provider of cannabis regulatory systems in the United States, however, they are now an out-of-the-box POS system. They are an advanced software and system solution that works with dispensary POS systems to track and trace cannabis from seed to sale. Their seed-to-sale tracking integrates directly across growers, processors, retailers, and regulations for safe, secure, and seamless compliance.

Most US-based medical or recreational markets require access to cultivation, manufacturing, and retail operations data via direct METRC integration through commercial point-of-sale or other inventory management software.

What key features should I look for my dispensary POS system?

First and foremost, the best Dispensary POS Systems (or METRC POS Systems) are those that integrate specifically with your regulatory commission’s compliance protocols. (Because we are a US-based firm, we’re focused almost exclusively on METRC systems.) You should read and review the guidance outlined in the state- and locally-governed cannabis law to understand what you are going to be responsible for reporting and which POS systems to weed out completely.

The most popular key features in cannabis dispensary point-of-sale systems (beyond your individual regulatory compliance needs) include customer age and identity verification, real-time inventory management, taxation, and seed-to-sale reporting. You want to consider all of these as well as convenience features like payment processing, remarketing, and the like.

There are a number of other factors you definitely want to consider when choosing a cannabis dispensary point-of-sale system as well, like the technology and hardware that may be required to operate the system as well as the overall accessibility and user interface for budtenders and your customers. You’re an innovative business owner and you deserve an innovative solution with remote access via the cloud and the most robust catalog of features you can find to make work easy (or dare we say: fun).

eCommerce integration is also a big part of the decision-making process in POS selection for dispensary owners and not one to be overlooked or discounted, as accessibility and self-service become more and more of a personal preference for customers. Your POS provider should be eager and willing to show you how their system can integrate with your website and simplify the customer discovery and shopping (and/or delivery) experience.

The best cannabis dispensary point-of-sale (POS) systems are the ones that include the most features and the most inclusions for the best value. Remember that there is almost always a trade-off between offerings; where a subscription to one might include cool gadgets to support otherwise laborious inventory management tasks, another might better complement customer experience or re-marketing efforts. Where you see the most value is always up to you.

Here are the five Dispensary POS Systems I have been playing around with the most (and enjoying the experience with) (and why):


Ever since the Forbes write-up, Dutchie will forever be known as “the Shopify of weed.” They’re the most well-known dispensary point-of-sale (POS) system in the American marketplace with a roster of over 5,500 dispensaries across the US and Canada.

Dutchie has paid close attention to the eCommerce industry as a whole and parlayed the best of the best into one (and probably the most robust) out-of-the-box ecosystem. Their cloud-based software means a unified customer ordering experience online and in-store.



Hailing from Canada, Cova is a real contender. They made a name for themselves as a market-leading industry disruptor, continuing to buy up innovative technology, products, and services to complement and grow their offerings.

They’re known for their white glove customer service and seamless technology integrations, as one of the few to sync directly with the popular WordPress (WooCommerce) platform. Plus, their alternative payment processing, custom-branded gift cards, and mobile-friendly customer queue status system only make them stronger and stronger.


People love the look and feel of FlowHub. The Colorado-based technology company is a proud home-grown company that was built from need and with the intention to serve. They were at the epicenter of Colorado’s budding cannabis market back in 2015 and were the first states-side offering to adopt and integrate directly with METRC, simplifying the reporting process.


While not for everyone, these guys people really know their niche. The clients I’m serving that have found alignment and support with IndicaOnline are swooning over their fun hardware and customer service features. They’re also one of the few with clear, definitive, and front-facing payment plans that scale based on inclusion—so you never overpay.

The primary selling factors (that I have heard) include their inventorying wand (which calls on physical geo-tagging chips within product packaging) and their other delivery-related tracking services. They also offer SMS marketing as well as direct integration for digital (TV monitor) displays. Plus, they’re good friends with WeedMaps; making for seamless marketing there.


Treez has been growing in popularity along the east coast with its particular focus and preference for independently owned cannapreneurial ventures. I have found that mom-and-pop dispensary owners love these guys for their careful collaborative approach and customer service.

Here’s the deal on Dispensary POS Systems:

We’ve covered a lot here but I want to drive one thing home: One size rarely ever fits all especially when it comes to business software. Nor do you want it to when, in any regulated market, compliance should be your top priority.

Opening a cannabis dispensary is a lot of work and requires a lot of focus and resilience on the part of business owners and license holders.

There are a number of ways in which the team and I can support through creative services and longer-term collaboration including turn-key dispensary brand and website design and development.

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