Our Heritage.

A close-knit team of creatives committed to building and empowering entrepreneurial pursuit, one brand at a time.

Eric Michael, President/CEO, Eric Michael & Associates

For more than a decade, Eric Michael has lent his creative voice and vision to the development, direction, and deployment of more than three-hundred-fifty individual brands, people, and organizations around the world. It’s through his signature, hands-on approach to project completion that design, messaging, business, and reputation management strategies are paired with unparalleled precision and a highly-competitive, totally unique method of deployment.

Deeply intentional and under allegiance to the client, Eric Michael & Associates is a close-knit team of dedicated brand developers, creators, and strategists, powered by purpose, and deeply rooted in the global entertainment and luxury lifestyle markets. Together, with more than two-thirds a century’s experience between them, Eric Michael and his team of elite creatives, thinkers, hackers, and hustlers maintain a fearless approach to ideating, incubating the necessary synergies required to breathe life into brands.

To protect the integrity of our clients, work, and team, Eric Michael & Associates is currently only welcoming new commitments by invitation only. That said if you’re a representative or stakeholder in an innovative product, service, or budding brand that may benefit from the support of EMA, you’re more than welcome to make the first move. Please note that inquiries are responded to on a first-in/first-out basis.