Just a boy from an Always Sunny city, doing big things.

Eric Michael is a multi-passionate, multi-disciplinary creative collaborator and advisor with a passion for high-stakes brand, business, and reputation management initiatives.

For more than a decade, Eric Michael has lent his creative voice and strategic vision to building and empowering entrepreneurial pursuit through interactive, experiential, and otherwise engagement-oriented and results-driven special projects.

His is a deeply grounded personal practice, powered by purpose, and steeped in intention for an authentic, fearless, and wholehearted approach to daring creative collaboration. A practice that has evolved from solopreneurial endeavor into a proud and passionate collective effort.

EM&A is a full-serivce creative and strategy firm working alongside clients at the intersection of form and function to build connections, strengthen loyalty, and craft culture. Eric champions the importance of steadfast and systemic process, deliberate design, and provocative storytelling – preserving the integrity and truth of a brand while assuring dominance in the marketplace.


From being founded amid the worst economic recession to weathering a global pandemic, we’ve learned there’s power in our presence. And we’re not going anywhere.


Good news travels fast: Known for his relentless curiosities and creativity, it’s the connection, intention, and reliability he shares with clients that bind.


Of all the things we know for sure, after thirteen years and countless partnerships in business, this fun fact we had to ballpark. But, it’s a lot.


Ours is a close-knit team of creatives and strategists working across design and development, media, and marketing to bridge connection and conversion.


Clients (and associates) hail from all around the world from Los Angeles to Paris, New York to New Mexico, and—of course—all across the Always Sunny city. Eric is currently in Philadelphia.


More than 98% of our clients have recommended us to their friends and colleagues for new business in the last three years, increasing steady growth.

Nothing lights me up like the call of courage in supporting another in entrepreneurial pursuit, being entrusted to bring the collective into consciousness at the intersection of form and function, or generally unblock productivity.

And it all starts with my favorite question…

But, we need to know.
But, we need to know.
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Some recent work.

Jewish Sauce Boss

Eric Michael takes told of brand, business, and reputational strategy for the nationally recognized Jewish Sauce Boss and JSB Certifications organizations.

Cooking with Cannabis

Eric Michael introduces the Philadelphia culinary scene to the art of cooking, mixing, and serving up an experience—with cannabis!

The Residences at Glen Harbor

As the dust settles on the new construction, The Residences at Glen Harbor turn to Eric Michael and his team of associates to design assets - billboards and print ads - for their citywide launch campaign.