Eric Michael & Associates bill reasonable consultation time at the on-demand rate of $225 per-hour.

Consultation Fees are industry-standard charges for the time necessary to acclimate your account to a roster. Eric Michael & Associates prides itself on its complementary new project estimate process, however, we must recoup costs for the time spent delivering its proprietary information.

Consultation fees do more than weed out the least-qualified.

Consultation fees protect and safeguard against “thought poaching” and Creative Dementors that lurk in the world wide web. Dementors, of course, is a term borrowed from the Harry Potter franchise. And, as the definition goes, Creative Dementors are shaped like humans but covered in deception; they’re unable to foster creative direction on their own so they feed off of everyone else’s. Not to worry, a healthy consultation fee usually keeps them at bay.

Consultation fees are assessed after the initial “meeting of the minds” (aka “discovery meeting”) and the cultivation of the initial proposal. Every required meeting after this initial consultation period is then billed at the standard consultation fee of $225 per hour.

Consultation fees are always waived should a client decide to retain me for their services.

Consultation fees are calculated and applied to invoice thirty days from our last conversation. Consultation fees are due upon receipt.

Last update: January 22, 2020