Beth Lawrence is the founder and chief executive officer of an eponymous, award-winning independent meetings and events consultancy group. She’s the current sitting President of Philadelphia’s Professional Women’s Roundtable (PWR) network and fearless leader of a number of other inspiring initiatives.

Let’s take a look at my recent conversation with Beth…

Let’s start with an introduction, for those that don’t know you: Who are you? Where are you from? And, what is your official title?

I’m Beth Lawrence (formerly Beth Minkus), a South Jersey native in a lifetime love affair with Philly. I’m from a very small town called Pemberton, NJ, which is in the middle of the Pine Barrens. Somehow, I developed a love for the city early on in life. My “official” title is President & CEO, but as a (mostly) solopreneur, I wear many hats.

Tell us about what started your entrepreneurial journey.

I was working for a startup company I loved for a few years, when I was laid off right before the holidays in 2017. I call it “being kicked out of the nest,” because I had wanted to start my own business for as long as I could remember. In the conversation with my then-boss, she even said “We know you’ll do great things, working for yourself or someone else.” I caught the entrepreneurial bug a long time ago but was too scared to pursue it! I now look at the layoff as the biggest blessing.

Who was your first ever, freelance client? And, what did you learn from working with them?

For a final project in college, I planned a National Marketing conference with my professor, Robert Kieserman. It was so successful that he hired me as an ‘official’ freelance event planner the following summer. I learned a lot from Professor Kieserman, and was very lucky to have that experience as I entered the workforce.

What are some of the assignments you’re working on right now?

Right now is the busy season, so I’m working on quite a lot! I’m consulting for an amazing company, Kahner Global, that produces conferences for investors in the cannabis industry. I’m coordinating all logistics for the events in Toronto, New York City and San Francisco, and did so for the company’s Ft. Lauderdale and Beverly Hills conferences earlier this year. This weekend is my client Airy Kitchens‘ open house – they’re a high-end interior design firm based in Mt. Airy and have just opened the most gorgeous showroom space.

And, after that?

I’m fortunate to work with Lasserre’s Own Hands, a nonprofit founded by a friend who is from Haiti, and recognized the amazing impact that educational opportunities had on his life. He and his family built a school, and they have funded over 200 children’ education since their inception in 2015. I’ve been hired to produce an event and campaign this summer–so stay tuned for that!

In addition, I’ve been working on some innovative events in the cannabis industry, locally, with this super charming, talented branding and marketing professional (of course, I’m speaking about you).

We’re bringing the education that the Philly community has been asking for when it comes to cooking and mixing with CBD, and incorporating this brand new industry in a tasty, safe, and legal way. Later in the summer, I’m excited to produce a pop-up shop in LA for HerHQ, an app that aims to connect female entrepreneurs and creatives. What could be better than that?

Is there a client out there that’s like “the dream client?” Who are they? Or, what do they look like?

I love designing IRL experiences for brands that have a digital presence. I’d love to produce an experience for someone like American Express, Refinery 29, or Glossier. My biggest-of-the-big goals? To plan the Grammy’s.

You’re so invested in self-care. Has it always been very easy for you to make the necessary time and space for it? How do you find the strength to pull away from work and dive into self-care?

Self-care is so essential to me, and I notice immediately if I am out of whack with it. It’s not always easy, especially when busy season hits, but I always try to remember how good I’ll feel if I do it. Anything from journaling, to meditation, to walking my dog, Diesel is self-care to me, because it’s making myself and my time a priority. I actually schedule “self-care” days in my planner now, where I don’t plan anything. That way, if I wake up that day and feel like staying home, I can do that without guilt. If I feel like going out, I can meet up with friends or family. My longtime best friend gave me that suggestion a long time ago and it’s worked wonders.

How do you practice self-care? Where do you turn when your head gets busy?

I work it into my day in little bits: After waking up, I try to journal any dreams I’ve had the night before, as well as make conscious lists of what I’m grateful for. Then, I take my dog for a walk or run to the park–sans phone, if I can help it. Getting connected to nature and grounding myself helps so much when things get insane. Exercise has always been an outlet for me, and recently I found a community at my local gym of incredible women who practice Buti Yoga, which is a combination of dance, yoga and plyometrics. It’s perfect because it doesn’t feel like working out and it gives me some much-needed time away from my phone.

My husband and I work opposite schedules, so we have only a few days a week to hang out. On those nights, my phone is almost always on “Do Not Disturb.” I like to have uninterrupted time with him because it’s rare to have that for us.

I actually schedule “self-care” days in my planner now, where I don’t plan anything. That way, if I wake up that day and feel like staying home, I can do that without guilt. If I feel like going out, I can meet up with friends or family. My longtime best friend gave me that suggestion a long time ago and it’s worked wonders.

Back to work: Where do you actually work? Are you a home office maven? Or, a co-working powerhouse?

I love these titles, first of all! Keep them coming 🙂

After I was laid off, my husband made me the most gorgeous little home office “nook” in our bedroom. It has inspirational quotes, books, and all of the other work essentials. You’ll find me here most of the winter or on rainy days when the comfort of home is what I need.

I also belong to 1776 co-working spaces, and I love it there because they have multiple locations, including a new one in the Cherry Hill Mall. It’s amazing because if I need to get out of the house but don’t want to cross the bridge, it’s a short drive to my ‘office’. If I want to go into the city, I can. I need that balance.

I’m also a huge fan of the random coffee shop. Between Philly and Collingswood (Where I live) there are so many cute spaces with free WiFi. It’s nice for a change of scenery.

Last question: Would you please be a guest on the podcast? I feel like we need to extend this chat…

You know I’ll always extend a chat with you! Let’s get it on the calendar!

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